15 november 2009


I'm never posting on this blog so I close it.

I wanna thank all the followers, who always did read my posts.
I did enjoy you all.
This was an awesome time, but It's time to move over it.

Love, Devina.

© Fabstardoll

9 oktober 2009


Hi guys, These eyes i maked up IT GO'S ABOUT THE EYES!!© Fabstardoll

30 augustus 2009

hotbuys sunglasses

sorry for not posting i am very busy at the moment and what are you think of my new banner?
the hotbuys sunglasses are in the starplaza
but there is agian a glitch
yep the sane hotbuys sunglasses but the other is cheaper
and look good at the picture the cheaper one is shorter then the other

xox hayleigh1998

© Fabstardoll

24 augustus 2009

Hey guys :D

I'm a new writer for this blog, and I will post as often as I can.
When I post, the picture above will be posted too :]

© Fabstardoll

11 juli 2009


This blog really needs an update!
New Layout, New Banner, Links, Posts, Idea's, AND MORE.

Please send me a mail if you have clever idea's.
[Use StardollMail, Username: Vintje].

So, I will be busy on it for a while.

We're closing for the moment.
No posts, No Advertisements, Nothing.


© Fabstardoll

26 juni 2009

Basics; New Shop!

Well, Yesterday we lost MJ, but here's some good news:

There's a new shop at Stardoll, called Basics!
With.. Guess what: Basics xD

Here's a pic:

I think it's a smart option from Stardoll.
All for NON - SS :]

xox Devina

- MJ will be with us forever, it would never mind if his body is a live, of not-

© Fabstardoll

25 juni 2009

New Game! [Play and Earn!]


I'm happy to annouce that we are one of the first ones who knows this:



I'm now gonna play the game!
Soon more!

xox Devina :D

© Fabstardoll